2013: Our Year in Review

2013 Our Year in Review

From all of us at Ginsberg+Chan, thank you for another great year! 


Community Spirit

In 2013, we supported our community through invovlement with a few diverse organizations.  Most of them had to do with supporting education like the French International School, Bring Me a Book and Kellog’s University and our most favourite was the Food Link Foundation who aim to divert excess food to those who need it in Hong Kong.


Meeting You

Looking back we realize that 2013 was full of highlights – we’re lucky.  But the best highlights have been the nights out spending time with you.  Here is a pic of two of our favourite Kevins.

Kevins 2013

Champagne Giveaway

Our Champagne give away landed in this man’s lucky hands.

 Champagne Giveaway

Cellar Parties

In 2013, we had a few late night raids in the office cellar.  We need a bigger cellar!


Bin End Sale

But the biggest cellar raid is probably our annual Bin End Sale aka the Ugly Duckling Sale.  It was a real steal for some lucky people.  If you’re not on our mailing list, sign up now so you hear about it – soon!

Ugly Duckling Sale

Wine & Travel talks

At Ginsberg+Chan we love our wine but we also love travel.  On the Road In China came to speak to us about the coolest way to travel in China – by car.  We listened to Angie and Peter talk as we dined on Yunnan mushroom dishes paired with wines from Burgundy.  Not a bad way to spend a night!

For more about travelling in style, contact On the Road in China.


Two New Hires

In 2013, some great people have joined our team.  Here are two at an office dinner out.  Can you guess who they are?

Can you guess who they are?

Jerry the hand model

We also discovered in that our fine wine specialist Jerry Kwan has great potential as a hand model.


Two Brides To Be

Two people on our team said “Yes” this year to two lucky guys!



Hunted & Gathered

In 2013, we really out did ourselves.  We took on our largest collection yet (over US$1 million+) with a beautiful DRC collection including some very rare double magnums of Romanee Conti. We also found a whole lot of other amazing wines with great provenance.  True rarities  including the 1961 Hermitage from Paul Jaboulet Aine.  See what we have in store now


Older Italians

And we specifically started to hunt down great bottles of mature Italian wines.  We really got into Italian wines from our trip back in 2012, so in 2013 we sourced many Italian treasures.  And we loved hearing that you enjoyed them!


True Cold Chain

We invested in our shipments and were the first (in the world!) to use eProvenance’s GPS sensors to track the temperature of our wines from point A to B every 3 minutes.  This means we can ensure that the wines you buy from us are cared for at every step in their journey.

 eProvenance Geo

We got into Sherry

We brought in some of the world’s best sherries and hosted an amazing dinner with Sherry specialist Peter Liem.


Saturday Tastings

We held more tastings in 2013 than ever.  We’ve loved it and we hope you have too.  To stay on top of our tasting schedules, make sure you’re on our mailing list and check our our events calender .

Office Tastings 1


Ever updating, we went through countless web updates, design files & samples to keep ourselves looking fresh – for you.


Jay & Mandy went to Bordeaux

And had the most brilliant time.  Although it did rain a little, the skies smiled down on us.

Contact us if you are thinking about some wine travel.


Dynamic Pontet Canet

We toured in style with Melanie Tesseron at Pontet Canet where we learnt (as a family) how working with nature + being innovative in a family setting, is a very powerful thing.  Slurp!

Pontet Canet 2013

Legendary Latour

We learnt why Latour is legendary.  Yes, it is the soil and the land, but it’s also the happy people who work there.  Did you know that Latour has one of the most international staff as well as the most balanced between male and female?



Mandy Meets Margaux

It was a particular highlight to be able to visit Chateau Margaux for Mandy, as it is a been a benchmark wine in her memory.  She looks forward to going back when the Norman Foster buildings are complete, which will satisfy her wine and architectural fancies all in one go.


Grand Puy Lacoste

Our tour of GPL (as we call it now) resulted in us taking much more notice of this wine and its quality.  The grapes come from great soil that has been well taken care of… did you know that the same Spanish family has tended to this land since the 1950s?  We think that says a lot about the family who runs it.  And the secret ingredient?  Eric Boissenot is the consultant here.  Read more about him here >

GPL 2013

Le Dome = Garagiste x Celebrities

What do we have in common with Elizabeth Hurley?  Not much aside from the fact that we both love Jonathan Maltus’ “cult” wines.  Liz served his wines at her wedding.

Liz Hurley

Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Fair 2013

We exhibited for a second time in 203.  It was nice to say hello to those who came by!



Private Tastings

We hosted a bunch of private tastings but one of our favourites was a Women’s Vintage Champagne Tasting at Lok Man Rare Books.  For help hosting a wine event email us at hello@winemerchantsasia.com.

Lok Man RAre books

Dining with Royalty

It really isn’t every day that you get to dine with royalty.  And it is extra special when your royal company is so approachable, grounded and loves wine!  The Prince and Princess of Lichtenstein were just that.  Their Pinot was a real treat and their Riesling was remarkably fresh.


Shanghai Visit

We had a great visit in Shanghai and met some seriously knowledgeable wine lovers.   Highlights:  The women around the table beat the men in a blind tasting hands down and Jason’s shower decided to collapse.

shanghai photos

Favourite App of 2013

Our favourite app of the year definitely goes to Vivino.  For all you that want an easier way to jot down notes on your wines and compare reviews with other wine lovers, Vivino will scan the wine label insert the wine name & producer name for you so you don’t have to spend time entering the details.  It then it brings up other reviews from other Vivino users.  Brilliant.  The only drawback we can see is the 5 point rating system; a little limiting when you’re comparing a qualities of Bruno Giacosa with a Chave Hermitage.

Vivino app phone

Gift Wrapped

We didn’t keep count but everyone in the office agrees that we hand wrapped more gifts this year than ever before.


Thank you again for being with us.  We wish you the best for 2014!


  1. Cyrus Janssen January 7, 2014 Reply

    So enjoyed reading more about your successful wine business! Very impressive year, look forward to seeing all the events for 2014! Take Care and see you guys soon!

  2. Cyrus Janssen January 7, 2014 Reply

    So enjoyed reading more about your successful wine business! Very impressive year, look forward to seeing all the events for 2014! Take Care and see you guys soon!

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