2016 Our Year in Review

From all of us at Ginsberg+Chan, thank you for another great year! 


A Year Like No Other

With surprises like Brexit and Donald Trump’s election win on top of the passing of all the famous people that made their mark on the world, 2016 signaled a serious change of guard.


Community Spirit

Using the force within us, we participated in more charity events this year than any other.  Locally we supported well established charities such as the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation, HEEP Hong Society with their Great Chefs of Hong Kong and Bring Me a Book.  We also supported more grassroots charities such as Kids4Kids, Music for Growing Minds and the Hong Kong LGBT Interbank Forum.  Within our worldwide village we continued to support the International Social Services.

Wine & Technology

We accomplished some serious organisational & systems upgrades in 2016.  (Thank you team!) We hope that with this better framework, we’ll be able to serve you with more efficiency, quality information & service – as your fine wine merchant.



Sniff, Smell, Sip, Savour 

In the wine business, we know that it’s all about our customer’s time.  You lead busy lives but, sometimes you pause, to linger over a nice bottle.  You breathe in those lovely aromas and you breath out.  You sip & you saveur. Perhaps you weave your important business matters with a good glass.  Either way, we take pride in providing  you with those great bottles to slow down time.  And we love that this is our job.



Meeting You

If there was major theme about this year, it is that we travelled to see some of our customers with us since the day we began.  It was so good to see you in Bangkok, Taipei, Manila, Shanghai & Singapore.


…& Sharing Some Great Bottles

Wow, did we ever drink some great bottles.


And some more…


And some more…


And some more…

BYOB 2017

Wonder where we’ve been going to eat with our special bottles?  Check out our popular BYOB guide.  And guess what?  We’re now updating our BYOB guide for 2017. Tell us where you have been going!


Ginsberg+Chan’s Best places to BYOB 2017

38 Guided Tastings on #WineWednesdays

In 2016, we held 38 guided wine tastings in our Tasting Room. We call these #WineWednesdays and they feature fantastic comparitive line ups to hone your palate on for a fraction of a cost.  We’ve loved guiding them and we hope that you have enjoyed them too.  Sign up to our mailing list to hear about them first or check out our events calendar to see what’s coming up next.

Grande Annee en Champagne 2002 Tasting

David Rogers the 23rd Parrallel

This year we were fortunate to have banker-by-day-wine-blogger-by-night David Rogers join many of our tastings and has even guided a few!  Read his notes on our tastings at the23rdparrallel.com or follow his facebook page.


Hunted & Gathered

In 2016, we continued to hunt & source for you the wines that you were looking for. We acquired a great private collection with over 400 bottles of DRC, many of them in original banded cases, as well hundreds of other great Burgundy, Bordeaux and Champagne from one Seller alone.  It’s also been a busy year again for Champagne with strong demand for older vintage Dom Perignon and Krug and a surge in interest in the likes of Jacques Selosse and other “grower” Champagnes.  See what we have in store now

The Excitement of Discovery

The most enjoyable part of our jobs as wine merchants is discovering new wines (at least to us) that captivate the palate and imagination and this year has been full of great finds.  We’ve brought in a lot of new names to our list like Ganevat (Jura), Clos Rougeard (Loire), Aubert (California), Boisson-Vadot (Meursault), Pascal Doquet (Champagne), Vallana (Northern Piedmont), Allemand (Cornas) just to name a few.  The excitement of discovery is what makes wine so fascinating

First trips to Bordeaux

This year was the first year that instead of Jay and I going to the En Primeur in Bordeaux,  Lauren & Rosanna from our team went to represent us. Here is Rosanna taking in the Haut Brion tasting.

Team Shifts

In 2016, we saw a few people move on to their next adventure, we added a some great people (Ken & Trent) and with delight we welcomed some that came back to work with us – Janet & Brigid!

Kenneth’s Chicken Cake

Although we’ve grown we continue to be a tight knit group, and when it came to Kenneth’s birthday (knowing him) we didn’t present him with a high sugar carbohydrate filled cake.  We gave him a roasted chicken.

History in a Bottle

In 2016, we continued to see, experience and enjoy a great selection of older mature bottles. There is always the risk that these bottles do not show well but when they do, boy do they ever evoke a wistful journey into life, labour, history & adventure.

Shipping & Storage

The saying goes that there are no great wines only great bottles which refers to the bottle variations you can find with older vintages. This is one of the most important parts of our business and we are thankful to have serious people on our team internally and externally who ensure that our dedication to a full cold chain remains strong and true.  Read more: VinePair has an in depth article on the 8000 history of wine transportation.

Our Trusted Networks

Our business continues to thrive on the trust we have from our customers as well as the trust and strong relationships we have with our suppliers.  (Thank you guys) Our commitment to quality and excellent provenance remains our highest priority.  We continue to guarantee the authenticity of what we sell.

Wine Tools

Every person loves their toys as we do here at Ginsberg+Chan.  You can’t be without your Durand to safely ensure those old corks come out in one go and you should always taste your bottle with your Coravin before you take it out for an important dinner – just to be sure it’s good.


Family Business

We love family values and have a hard time seperating the professional from the personal. In fact, we like to mix it up.


Making Burgundy Home

In 2016, we committed to our favourite region even more by purchasing a home there.  We hope this means we’ll be able to discover more great wines to share with you & to show you the region in time.

Wine Trips

Watch out, in 2016 we have been planning to do some wine tripping in 2017.  Would you like to come with us?

eRobertParker.com’s Matter of Taste event

In 2016, we were part of eRobertParker.com’s event called the Matter of Taste. The exceptional wines poured at Matter of Taste were all rated RP 90 points or higher, and handpicked by the Robert Parker Wine Advocate Reviewer Team.  It was lavish event at the Island Shangri La & we had fun seeing many of you.

Private Tastings

This year we held some great private tastings for personal pleasure and business.  We assisted with wine menus, food pairings, glass service and wine expertise.  In many cases, we were also your chosen venue.  For help hosting a wine event email us at hello@ginsbergchan.com.


This year, Mandy joined the Decanter Asia Wine Awards juding panel for the second time and here’s the purple smile to prove it.

Saturday Sips

Located right in the middle of Queen’s Road in Central, we continued to provide a little rest stop for you busy shoppers on the weekends with our Saturday Sips program.  From 2-5pm we poured tasters of a different wines to help you decide on what you should stock your fridge with.  Get notified on the wine being served at #SaturdaySips by being part of our mailing list.




Meet the Press

In 2016, we were kindly asked for our expertise in fine wine.  We thank those that did as it helps us to display what we know.  See: Mandy in Forbes, SCMP and Jay in The Financial Times.


Wines Memories

Eric Asimov of the New York Times recently writes “What makes a wine the best has very much to do with the moment you choose to open the bottle.  It’s not simply a question of quality, although that’s crucial.  It’s a combination of the occassion, the people with whom you share it, the food you eat and the context.  Ultimately, what counts are the memories.” Read more here


Best wishes for 2017

And on that note, all of us at Ginsberg+Chan wish you the very best for making memories in 2017.

Thank you again for being with us.  We wish you the best for 2017!

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    Great page. love the passion you have for your business and wine!

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