Jason Ginsberg and Mandy Chan are friends, husband and wife, wandering travellers, enthusiastic wine lovers, amateur cooks and the founders of Ginsberg+Chan.

Over the years, we have been inspired by people who have been able to create a life for themselves while actualizing their dreams.   Not ones to stay still, we packed our bags, moved our young family to Hong Kong and started our lives as wine merchants.

With Ginsberg+Chan, our goal is to always have a cellar of wines that is fun to dig through.  A treasure trove of fine wines with great provenance.  We hope that every time you check out our list, you’ll discover something that’s intriguing and special.

Working with a great network of trustworthy people, allows us to source rare & distinctive wines at a fair price.  We also source directly from private individuals who have kept their wines with great care.  All our wines listed are company stock and we carry a small amount of consignments from our customers who have chosen to sell their wines with us.

As online retailers we embrace the spirit of a traditional wine boutique where our customers get a real sense of our shop’s identity – and the people who run it.  Every member on our team is approachable and knowledgeable.  You should receive attentive and professional care and if you don’t, please let us know.

  • Ken Man

    Buyer & Fine Wine Specialist

    Ken brings with him over 8 years’ experience in the wine industry. He began his journey in London, working for a large retail chain and soon after moved to on-trade specialist Coe Vintners. Wanting to broaden his horizons, he relocated to Hong Kong in 2014 to discover the budding wine scene here, working at fine wine magazine Le Pan before joining Ginsberg+Chan. Ken has had the pleasure of working with several Master of Wines in the past and enjoyed travelling to fine wine regions such as Bordeaux, Burgundy and Tuscany which, along with his WSET qualifications, has cemented his knowledge of fine wines. Speak to Ken about selling your wine collections or you can meet him at our regular tastings where he is eager to share his knowledge with you.
  • Rosanna Au

    Relationship Manager

    Rosanna has an infectious positive attitude with a keen understanding of service.  She has a great passion for wine, culture & travel.  She was recently travelling to Germany on her own to experience the local food and drink there.  Her fine wine knowledge has been sharpened at many respectable establishments including Berry Brother & Rudd, Vin Rares Asia and Sarment.  We welcome her enthusiasm & professionalism to our team.  Meet Rosanna at one of our tastings or email her with your wine requests.
  • Joe Fong

    Assistant General Manager

    Joe is our Assistant General Manager. A veteran at Ginsberg+Chan, she has been with us since our early beginnings in Happy Valley, having previously worked many years in the Macau wine industry. She's been an F&B wine trainer, written newspaper articles, expertly arranged wine dinners and tastings and hosted wine ambassadors. A confident wine specialist she exudes an honest charm. She likes to travel especially something related to Wines & Spirits. Speak to Joe about wines you may be looking for or ask her for recommendations on wines in our list that will suit your personal interests or business needs. Joe speaks Cantonese, English and a little Mandarin and Japanese.
  • Andrew Chow

    Logistics Officer

    Andrew majored in logistics and has spent most of his career in this field, starting out at a professional wine warehouse and thus gaining a deeper understanding of warehouse logistical operations. A keen sportsman, he enjoys swimming among other sports, and has been playing handball professionally for many years, and took a brief hiatus from his logistics career to coach others in this. With his positive attitude and diverse background along with his experience, Andrew is a great addition to our team and is determined to provide the best logistics and storage services to all our clients.
  • Vicky Fung

    Logistics Specialist

    Driven and passionate about logistics management, Vicky has been working in supply chain management for over ten years with areas encompassing distribution, transportation, warehousing and inventory management. Her knowledge and expertise in shipping and warehousing is a huge asset to Ginsberg+Chan enabling us to smoothly and safely transport all our great collections of fine wines in tip top condition to Hong Kong. Vicky is learning rapidly about wines and has already become quite the enthusiast, joining the team in their regular tastings to enhance her growing appreciation.
  • Trent Heung

    Marketing & Communications Manager

    Driven by communicating what we as a company has to offer and collaborating with industry key players to promote wine culture in Hong Kong, Trent has over 6 years of multinational company experience where he focused mainly on marketing and event management. Trent strives to provide you with the best wine tasting experience so feel free to speak to him about any idea you have for an event,or a service you’d like to see from us. Trent speaks Cantonese, English, Mandarin and a little Korean. He's a big fan of elegant wine, disco-house music, baking and cat videos.
  • Terry Wong

    Retail Manager & Sommelier

    A true gentleman, Terry has over 10 years of experience in fine dining where he has worked for the Shangri-La in Sydney and Robouchon and Amber in Hong Kong.  Outside of the F&B trade, Terry was also the Sales Manager at Sarment.  With a soft spoken strength, Terry understands the spirit of hospitality.  Say hello to him at our events, ask him about planning yours with your favourite wines and allow him to introduce you to other wines you may enjoy.
  • Kevin Lai

    Senior Accountant

    Kevin is our resident accountant, having studied and worked in the UK before moving back to Hong Kong at the end of 2017. Pro-active and commercially-focussed, he strives for excellence, growth and success, and finds immense satisfaction in seeing “Credit = Debit” in his day-to-day work. Despite the large responsibility on his shoulders, he still retains a broad sense of humour that is a balance of both eastern and western cultures, and since joining Ginsberg+Chan, he has discovered his love-affair for fine wines which complements perfectly with his passion in discovering the best restaurants in town.