Right on the front of our website we give you our elevator pitch that answers the question who are you?

Ginsberg+Chan are wine merchants who supply rare & distinctive wines to fine wine collectors, cult wine addicts and rebel wine lovers.

Ok, so you’re wine merchants you say and you sell rare & distinctive wines to wine collectors.  Seems straightforward – check.  You also sell rare & distinctive wines to cult wine addicts. Screaming Eagle? Check.  But what do you mean by rebel wine lovers??  Good question.

What’s a rebel wine lover (and are you one)?

Today, wine is a highly man-made product.  I supposed it has always been somewhat of a concoction between man, nature and grape but there was a time when wine was made in small quantities and under less controllable circumstances – your horse goes on strike, the bugs attack, weird growths happen on the vines, your grapes falter.  Now we have large plots of hybrid grapes, machine cultivations and a large assortment of ‘modern’ additives for flavouring and preserving.   Where’s the passion?  Nowadays to be a wine maker who takes a stance against the modern ease of wine making (and to take the often harder and riskier road) requires a rebellious streak.  It requires passion.  It requires a commitment to the belief that their un-modern practice will yield better wines.  These winemakers, these artisans, these rebels believe in wine making as a traditional craft.

We love that.

Rebel wines is our way to describe wines that made with passion.  They often come from small yields, are often organic or biodynamic, or uses natural wine making techniques.  They’re liquid art.  You won’t find these wines at your local grocery store because the wine maker will probably never make enough it.  These wines are rare and they’re special.

And you like special.