Six Reasons to Use our Online Store

1. Its up-to-date

All the wines in our portfolio are listed simultaneously on our online store and our wine lists.

2. Search quickly and easily

How can you search for something if you can’t even remember how to pronounce it or spell it? Vogue or Vougerarie.  Mugnier or Musigny.  Our search facility makes you smarter.


3. Its informative

Not only do we give you the usual wine reviewer’s notes and points, we tell you our current stock in Hong Kong, the price and the conditions of the bottle in our notes.

4. Actual photos to examine

Thought we couldn’t get any more transparent?  Examine the actual photos of the bottles with a magnifying glass.

5. Buy later with the Wishlist

You want it but your wife would kill you if you came home with more wine.  Put it on your wishlist for later.

6. Its great for last minute gifts

In a panic for a gift?  Use our online gift certificate system to send the gift of wine to your friend’s inbox.  We’ll call you for your credit card and off your gift goes to their email to redeem online or with our careful guidance.