Dear Wine Lovers

As long as there has been a history of wine, people have surrounded themselves with objects and tools to enhance their drinking experience.  Wine lovers have adorned their tables with decanters and decorative glassware to give respect to their gathering guests.  And wine intellects have poured over wine books that were offered in their time.

We present you with a selection of beautiful and functional pieces for enhance your wine pleasure.

Antique Decanters

Even wine drinkers love vintage decanters.  There is beauty in them that command respect.   In Europe, many of the best examples come from the Georgian (17th – 18th century) and Victorian (18th – 19th century) era.  In North America, we seek out the modernist examples.

Durand Corkscrew

The Durand corkscrew was invented and developed by a collector who was frustrated with the difficulties of extracting older and fragile corks during his famed vertical tastings.  Surprisingly simple, this two part device permits you to successfully remove any older and fragile cork – whole and intact.

Durand Corkscrew

Zalto Glassware