2015: Our Year in Review

2015 Our Year in Review

From all of us at Ginsberg+Chan, thank you for another great year! 


Community Spirit

In 2015, we supported our community through involvement with a few diverse organizations.  The International Social Services is an NGO without political, racial, religious or nationality bias that supports children and families across boundaries for migrants, divided families, asylum seekers and refugees.  We also supported the Pink Dot festival “Love is Love” that celebrates the LGBT Community.  Going along the pink theme, but a very different pink, we supported the well known Pink Ball for breast cancer.  And finally we supported Music for the Growing Mind a small charity based on El Sistema’s approach to providing music education as a powerful instrument in the development of children in challenging social and economic conditions.  We love you Hong Kong!

Hong Kong Hereditary Breast Cancer Family Registry ISSHK Music for the Growing Mind pinkdothk_logo-web


Looking back we realize that 2015 was full of highlights and full of events.  We did over 70 events last year and we coined our events #WineWednesdays and #SaturdaySips.  Here are a two pics of some of our most loyal fans.  Thank you for making it so great.  Watch out for more here: http://blog.ginsbergchan.com/events/

80s Bdx tasting 2 IMG_0203


Bye Bye Bottles

This also means that a lot of great bottles were drank and buried.


Beautiful Burgundy

We continued to learn about one of our most favourite wine regions – Burgundy.  By tasting  and comparing and tasting and comparing its producers, terroirs and vintages.


Older Italians

We couldn’t help doing this through Italy as well.  Mama Mia!


Italian Tasting corks


Back to Bordeaux

And of course we couldn’t go without a few classic comparisons of old faithful.

 small 3

Brunello Market

It wasn’t all about those mature bottles though.  This year, we couldn’t help paying special attention to all 2010s from Brunello di Montalcino by having a full out Brunello-ball.

Brunello Market

Hunted & Gathered

In 2015, we continued to hunt down those hard to find special bottles.  We brought in assorted Ports, rare Macallan Whiskies and lots of vintage Champagne.



Family Business

Our family is growing.  Our Fine Wine Specialist, Terry just had his first baby. And on Saturdays, you can often find our youngest part-timer on premise – Joe’s son – counting bottles (and pantry snacks).  If you’re very lucky, you may even get a cellar tour with our dog – Jeroboam Ginsberg.




In 2015, we saw our team grow by leaps and bounds.  We have Rosanna & Terry in the front of house, Kenneth & Jeanette in back. But two have remained the same, can  you guess who they are?





When things happen annually, for over 3  years, we can start calling them traditions no?  We’d like to thank Diane & Duncan from Hearst Magazines for allowing us to organise their annual Christmas gifting and to Gabriela Kennedy for allowing us to host her fantastic annual champagne circle.  We look forward to it every year.




We traveled a lot this year to learn more about wine and to learn more about you.  Here are some of our favourite moments.

IMG_1025 IMG_9900 Moving in Manila

Lunch with Aubert de Villiane

This year also granted us a lunch we will never forget.  At a Masterclass in Burgundy, we were seated next to none other than Aubert de Villiane, the owner of Domaine de la Romanée-Conti.  Conversing for many hours, we found a man who was modest, humble, kind and great.  We could share many stories of this iconic Burgundian and tell you why his wines remain the most coveted in the world.


Cultural Events

In 2015, we were able to do something we have always wanted to do and that is bring together evenings that examined the intersection between wine & culture.  One of our favourite events was Life Beyond Strife we heard about the trials that people are going through to make wine in the Middle East and then how else life is affected in the region.  We served Chateau Marsyas and Domaine Bargylus to match matter with mind.



Neal Martin: Burgers & Bordeaux

A while ago, we talked in the office about how we’d love to pair a glass of delicious Bordeaux with a juicy freshly grilled burger.  This year, that all came together with Neal Martin of eRobertParker.com who fed us wisdoms about Bordeaux whilst we drank the delicious wines paired with a freshly BBQ’ed burger.  It was awesome.  Let’s do it again.

IMG_2770 Neal Martin


Private Parties

It wasn’t just #WineWednesdays and #SaturdaySips that kept us busy.  We also hosted a variety of private parties where we either guided a private party through a wine theme or gave them the space and wine to host their own function. Contact us at hello@ginsbergchan.com to learn more about having your own private wine event.

IMG_1518  IMG_1031


Cellar Raid

Of course, we raided our own cellars once in a while too.



We love our wine tools and when Coravin came to the market, we were hoping to be able to bring them to you.  We didn’t think we would be the first to sell them in Asia!  What is Coravin?  Coravin is a tool that allows you to taste your bottle without having to drink the whole thing.  Poke the cork with your Coravin, pour and enjoy.  Then put the bottle back for tomorrow, or next year to see how it evolves.  Brilliant.

coravin model two

Best Places to BYOB

We revisited our popular BYOB list this year and together with your comments have edited it down to the best 25 places to Bring Your Own Bottle in Hong Kong.

Ginsberg+Chan's BYOB List


In 2015, Jay and I started to pay special attention to some of the amazing HK Somms who have heightened our meals with their knowledge, creativity and service.  We want to know more of you and introduce you to the wine lovers in Hong Kong.  Watch out for our first sommelier Q&A coming soon…


Girl Power

2015 is being touted as the year of the Woman.  Hashtag movements like #BlackLivesMatter, #AskHerMore #SayHerName #DistractinglySexy and #GirlSquad are rousing up the world.  In our small way, we have seen more & more women at our tastings, owning their knowledge and feeling confident about wine.  #WineWomen


Thank you for being with us again.  We wish you the best for 2016!

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